What is kundli.io ?

kundli.io is a website specially designed for you – the end user, the unique person, who may not be an expert in the intricacies of Astrology, but is, at the same time, eager and ready to know and understand the nuances of the discipline of Astrology.

At kundli.io, we have taken great efforts to blend the powerful knowledge of ancient Vedic Astrology with latest technology to help, prepare and guide you for the upcoming excellent and not so happy events in your life. We have harmonized technical expertise with celestial rules of Astrology to create highly interactive and precise tools to give you the deepest possible analysis of your kundli i.e. horoscope.

kundli.io is a perfect place for you to prepare, read and store your complete astrological profile along with those of your family and friends.

Kundli.io is a one-point stop where you can get full fledged knowledge about almost every aspect of Vedic Astrology - be it Horoscopes (Birth Charts or Kundli), different types of Reports, Match Making analysis, Remedies, Lal Kitab (Red Book) Horoscope and its remedies, Panchang, Muhurata, Transits of Planets, and much more.

Why kundli.io

Our Vision

Our aim and vision is to offer you a complete comprehensive package which is a combination of Vedic Astrology and modern technology; thereby helping you to analyse yourself in a better and detailed manner. This will not only help you to prepare yourself better to manage the approaching events in your life but shall also go a long way in establishing the credibility of the ancient knowledge of Vedic Astrology.

We also strive to sift and weed out superstitious elements from the realm of Astrology so that you can avail of the pure knowledge which will give you accurate predictions and prepare you for the future.

Our Mission
  • To help you prepare the most genuine, simplified and personalized astrological profiles.

  • To give you the most apt, clean and relevant astrological applications and websites wherein you are not disturbed by annoying ads.

  • To make optimum use of latest technology to give you a glimpse of events to come from astrological perspective.

  • To diligently follow the Vedic Astrology principles in detail so as to give you simplified and easy-to-understand general predictions that will remove all your doubts and contradictions.

The next question that might arise is that there are hundreds of websites and applications providing detailed horoscopes and calculations then how is kundli.io different. To answer this, there number of unique features that we are integrating with kundli.io and to name a few -

  • Most accurate astrological calculations down to the minute details.

  • Exhaustive analysis of the positions and strengths of planets and houses through visual media like graphs and charts to help you understand the analysis of your horoscope better - even without the help of an astrologer!

  • Excellent and easy-to-understand comprehensive Reports.

  • Totally Unique and Personalized Life Report.

  • Notifications of change of Dasha Time Period and Planetary Transits

  • Practical remedies based on the ancient Vedic Shastras and applicable to your current planetary transits and dashas.

Do you have to pay for these reports?

The best things in life do come free! So, NO, you do not have to pay anything for our specialised services. It’s ALL FREE – NOW AND FOREVER!

When will it be available ?

We are working really hard to ship these features to you as soon as possible. Why not subscribe to this blog and be the first one to be notified when kundli.io is live. Since it will be launched in BETA mode first therefore only initial subscribers will get the first access before it is made public.

Are we open for suggestions ?

Yes, you are always welcome to give us your valuable feedback. In fact, we would encourage our users to send us their priceless suggestions & opinions. This will only help to make kundli.io better and best for you.
You can give your suggestions in the comment section below.

Kundli.IO Team

Kundli.IO Team


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