Virgo - January 2017 Predictions


2017 is likely to be a favorable year for you, bringing in sudden gains and profits – especially after September. Your social support and networking will increase.

The month of January sees progress despite some disturbances.You may have to take some major, crucial decisions regarding your career or business this month. Those in employment can use their resourcefulness and mental dexterity to march ahead in their careers. You shall achieve success through your own efforts. Colleagues and seniors will be supportive. Promotions and increments are likely to follow. Some new opportunity may present itself in the 4th week. There could be sudden changes in your work place by the month end. Beware of hidden adversaries. Some new source of income may open up. Past investments will yield good profits. Businessmen will triumph over competitors and win new projects. Some of you may also inherit some property or wealth. Income will be good; but do not waste money on extravagant spending. This is not a good time for making new investments. Keep away from speculation. Those in partnership may face some problems in the last week. Do not trust your partners blindly. You may suddenly lose interest in your work.

The beginning of the month is good for romantic endeavors. You may attend some functions and celebrations in the family. Those in love will be able to spend some good quality time with each other. Don’t let ego clashes spoil your associations. This is the ideal time to settle all issues in your relationships. Marital life is likely to be disturbed as the month ends. Conflicts with spouse and close friends are seen. The newlyweds may not be able to give the requisite attention and time to their life partner. This is a good time to plan for a baby, though.

There shall be no major issues related to health initially. Laziness and lethargy may creep in around the mid of the month. You may some issues related to your eyesight and may suffer from body aches. Health of mother and spouse too may be affected. Maintain a disciplined and balanced lifestyle to keep your blood pressure in check. Restlessness and tension could result in insomnia. You need to maintain your calm and sanity.

Time is ideal for students; they will be able to concentrate on their studies easily as well as enjoy extracurricular activities. Those preparing for competitive examinations will be able to get good guidance and advice. But by the month end, sluggishness will set in and they will not be able to complete their assignments on time.

You may have to travel for work. There could be changes in your travel plans the last minute. Keep your alternatives open.

Kundli.IO Team

Kundli.IO Team

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