Taurus - January 2017 Predictions


Taureans, 2017 is the year of changes for you and the month of January sets the tempo. Your intellectual and creative skills shall be at their best. Your self-confidence and optimism will be high. January is the time to get your life back on the tracks and pursue your dreams with full vigor.

The month shall begin with a bang with some good news relating to your career or profession pouring in. Many of you may change to a better job or may be promoted by the month end. Your job responsibilities will increase; so will your work proficiency. Time is exceptionally good for writers and creative people. Business projects shall be successful. This is the month to seize the opportunity you have been waiting for since long. Time is ripe focus on your career and professional endeavors.

Earnings and popularity are likely to rise. A new source of income may open up. You may sign some new deal by the month end. However, it is advisable to stay away from new investments; you may be cheated.

Your energy levels will remain high for the whole of the month. You shall remain socially active. Occasional trips and outings with family and friends shall keep your spirits high. Though, the first half of the month is not very favorable for travelling. You will, however, need to pay attention to your physical health; beware of some minor skin and ENT related issues. Increased work load can lead to stress and affect your health. Be watchful of your diet. Abstain from heavy, oily and high cholesterol foods. You may start a new fitness routine by the month end.

Time is ideal for romantic adventures and excursions. You will meet new people and strike an instant chord with them. Some of you are likely to look for no-strings attached relationships. You may have a chance meeting with an old acquaintance or friend. Marital life will be blissful. You shall see improvements on the home front. You would need to take care of your mother’s health. You may purchase items of luxury for your folks. Change of residence is also likely. You may have to stay away from your family. You may not get enough time to spend at home due to your busy work schedule. Try to keep away from undesirable company and avoid conflicts at all costs.

Students should not waste their time in useless pursuits and should try concentrating on their studies instead. Friends will be helpful and supportive. Those appearing for competitive exams in the last quarter of the month are likely to be successful.

Kundli.IO Team

Kundli.IO Team


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