Taurus - February 2017 Predictions


Be prepared - Time will now be getting a tad tough for you. Keep your head on your shoulders and be practical while taking important decisions. A lot of patience, faith and self-confidence will be helpful to keep you going. Taureans are sturdy and intuitive people – they know how to convert problems into opportunities.

You will now need to be more focused on whatever you do and move ahead. Work can become demanding, life will become busy and results may take time to surface. You will now have to sort out your problems yourself; support will not be forthcoming easily. You may get a new job or shift to a better occupation. The employed can expect a promotion or a rise in their salary. You shall be successful in your undertakings exclusively on basis of your hard work and diligence. Business and traders will earn profits. This is not the time to resist changes, howsoever exasperating they may be.

Financial status will be excellent. Money would flow in from more than one source. Investments will yield good returns. You would buy some luxury items like jewelry, accessories, etc. for yourself. You shall be able to repay old loans now.

Romance may have to take a back seat due to your busy work schedule. However, the chance of meeting someone interesting at work place or in professional group cannot be ruled out. Conjugal life can get exciting. You can plan to have a baby. There may an addition in the family. Happy occasions shall grace domestic life. Avoid arguments with your spouse. A change of residence is likely. Social status and prestige will rise. Keep away from all kinds of unethical work and undesirable people.

Health will remain good, yet delicate. Increased work load and hectic professional life may take a toll of your health. Some of you may be diagnosed with a disease. Joint pains and digestion related problems may trouble you. Take due care of lower part of the body. You will need to take sufficient rest to keep your energy levels high. Meditation and balanced natural diet will go a long way in maintain good health. You may try out a new healing method, say Ayurveda or Yoga.

Students opting for higher studies or research work are likely to be successful in their pursuits. You would be raring to go out on an adventurous trip. Travels plans will be fruitful. Be careful not to be injured.

Keep away from litigation matters. It would be wise to settle matters out of court amicably.

Kundli.IO Team

Kundli.IO Team


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