Scorpio - January 2017 Predictions


You will experience some relief and relaxation in the 1st half of 2017. Work load and responsibilities will rise. The month of January will give you mixed results with things moving slowly in the initial stages and then turning favorable in the second half.

You shall remain headstrong and egoistic in the first half of the month. People will find it difficult to understand your harsh and dominating behavior. You may get some good news in the latter half of the month. Sometimes, situations may seem to go out of hand. Be patient and let things unfold at their own pace.

Career prospects look good. A lot would be happening on the professional front. You can get promoted or elevated to a new, better position. Hard work and persistent efforts will start giving results from the third week onwards. A change of work place is also possible. A disgruntled colleague may try to make things difficult for you. A small mistake can prove very damaging. Businessmen may have to face some hurdles and slowdown of activities. They may even miss a business deal. Improvement in finances and status is indicated. You shall be focusing more on building and accumulating assets and things of material comforts. You may spend on home repairs, renovations, interiors, etc. Postpone purchase of any electronic items or gadgets till after the second week of January. A sudden source of income may open up. It is advisable that you be practical and analytical in your financial matters. Do not trust people blindly.

You will hardly find any time for love or socializing. You may be attracted towards someone interesting in the last week. Misunderstandings will disturb domestic life in the first two weeks. Ego clashes are likely to intensify the differences between you and your spouse. Later, things are expected to become more relaxed and cordial. Romance will take center stage as the month ends. Younger siblings will support you. Extra marital affairs can have adverse effects not only on your marital life but on your reputation and social status as well.

You could suffer from some eye related ailment and headaches. Drink sufficient water. Health will improve after 15th. You are likely to feel more vigorous and adventurous in this period – ready to explore new avenues. Your energy levels will be high by the month end.

Students may find themselves distracted and disinterested in studies. You will have to struggle hard to maintain your grades.

Short excursions can boost your mood and help you to handle stress better. However, unexpected journeys are likely to tire you.

Kundli.IO Team

Kundli.IO Team

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