Scorpio - February 2017 Predictions


You may get some respite from mental stress and health issues this month. You may be thinking of changing your job. Your hard work and continuous efforts will bear fruit. You shall be assigned additional responsibilities. Some hurdles in work may disturb you around the mid of the month. You may miss current opportunities if you keep thinking too much about the future. You may be falsely accused of a wrong doing. Some senior official may try to create problems for you. Stagnant projects will now gain momentum. Businessmen may have to deal with competition. You may receive some good news from abroad. Those in modeling, acting or entertaining fields will get good assignments and shall flourish.

Be careful while dealing in financial matters. Take decisions only after much contemplation. It would be prudent to take advice of some experienced or knowledgeable person. Monetary status will improve by the end of the month. Earnings and savings will rise. You may get an increment along with a promotion. An additional source of income can open up. Refrain from making any new investments. Keep away from extravagant expenditures. This is not a good time for speculation or lottery.

You shall entertain guests at home and enjoy a fun-filled time. You shall be drawn to religious or spiritual practices. Marriage plans could be delayed. Relationships with spouse will be warm and harmonious. There may be a birth in the family. Differences of opinions may mar your relations with someone close. Do not be aggressive or dominating while putting forth your views. Try to maintain good relations with your father and brothers. You may have to mediate and pacify some domestic squabbles.

Health will remain good. Energy levels shall remain good and you shall be raring to go. You need to take care of your health, though, at the end of the month. You may have to face blood pressure related issues. Your mother’s health may be a cause for concern.

Time is favorable for students. Some disturbances are seen in the beginning of the month; but they can be overcome by your disciplined perseverance. You shall be able to approach your studies in a more creative manner and can expect outstanding results. Those appearing for competitive exams in the latter half of the month have bright chances of succeeding.

You may go on excursions, educational tours, picnics, etc. Business related travel will prove to be lucrative for you. Travel plans may not be successful in the beginning of the month. Pilgrimages will provide the necessary positive vibes and inner peace.

Kundli.IO Team

Kundli.IO Team

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