Sagittarius - January 2017 Predictions


2017 is the year to implement your ideas and strategies. You shall see some major changes this year. You have already made a positive, new beginning. You have learnt to approach things in a more disciplined and focused manner. Your confidence levels and self-esteem shall ride high in the month of January. You are now likely to become more vocal and expressive about your ideas. Avoid misunderstandings with family members and colleagues at work place.

You shall see progress on the professional front. Work responsibilities are likely to increase. You shall be sufficiently compensated for your efforts. You will be able to impress others with your intelligence and skills. It would be prudent to maintain good working relations with your superiors; do not be headstrong. Time is ripe for businessmen to implement their innovative ideas. Financial status will be excellent. You may get some good news relating to income. New opportunities shall prove fruitful. Investments are probable in the second half of the month. Your focus would now shift to accumulating material comforts. Time is good for purchase of property, vehicles, house, etc. You may also spend on renovations or interior decoration. Refrain from wasteful expenditures. Use your own discretion while taking decisions. This is not a good period for partnership business. Avoid heated arguments. You may need to keep a check on your speech; harsh words can adversely affect your status and business.

You will be able to share happy good and emotional moments with your family members, especially your parents. You may feel very protective of them. A peaceful and stable atmosphere would prevail at home. Love life will be humdrum. Nothing exciting is seen in conjugal life either. Ego clashes can mar your relationships. There are chances of being cheated by someone close. By the month end, you shall feel more in control of your emotions and domestic affairs.

Health prospects look good. Energy levels will be high. Muscular pain, eye related problems, high blood pressure or headaches may trouble you in the first half of the month. Accidents and injuries are possible. Meditation and yoga will help to maintain mental balance and calm.

Students may have to face a wee bit of problems in their studies. But they shall be able to overcome the hurdles by their determination and enthusiasm. Your grasping powers will be excellent. Those thinking of going in for higher education will be able to arrive at a final decision by the month end.

Excursions and outings will help in rejuvenation of mind and body. Short trips are possible. It would be wise to postpone your travel plans to the second half of the month.

Kundli.IO Team

Kundli.IO Team

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