Sagittarius - February 2017 Predictions


February may not begin on a very optimistic note for most of you. Hurdles, misunderstandings and conspiracies will rule the beginning of the month. You may feel you are running out of luck. Don’t be headstrong and try to control the harshness in your speech. However, things will change around the mid of the month. Life will become more exciting after the 12th of this month.

A small lapse or mistake in your work may have a appalling repercussions. You may be reprimanded or humiliated by your boss. Take care to avoid arguments with your seniors at work as well as at home. Businessmen may miss an important deal in the second week. Efforts will bear fruits in the second half of the month. They shall be able to get new contracts in the third week. Your work efficiency will increase. You shall be able to successfully implement your strategies and get the desired results. A long awaited promotion may now come through. Contacts with the right people will bring in more business. Those in family business will prosper.

Financial position will improve in the latter half. Income will increase. Gains from overseas projects and networks are likely. Confidence will rise. It is advisable to keep away from speculations and new investments. There could be delay in property matters. Legal matters decided after 12th will work in your favor.

You may come in contact with undesirable people or crooks. Relations with friends may deteriorate. You may face disappointments from your close contacts. Some misunderstanding can spoil relations with your beloved. Singles may enter in to a new relationship. However, marital life will lack luster. Arguments and tension in family will trouble you. Things will improve after the 12th of this month. Social life will be active. An auspicious event in the family would help in bringing peace and harmony in domestic life. Some of you may move to larger homes. Children are likely to give good results in their studies and extra-curricular activities.

Your health will require more attention this month. You may suffer from some problems related to the eyes, headaches, digestion problems or blood pressure related issues. You will have to specifically guard against gas (Vata) related problems like joint pains, gout, etc. Keep away from depression and anxiety. Do not defer taking medical help and advice as and when required.

It is a satisfactory period for students. They shall fare well in their examinations. Some of them may learn some new skills or use already existing skills creatively. They may take an important decision regarding further course of studies.

Lots of work-related travel is foreseen; but these shall not yield desired results. They could be delays and hindrances in the journey. Business meetings and short term travels in the later half will be successful.

Kundli.IO Team

Kundli.IO Team

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