Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you. ~Dane Rudhyar

ASTROLOGY has long been viewed by many as a subject of superstition. However, Astrology is nothing but a study and analysis of the laws and functioning of Universe and the corresponding impact on lives on Earth. Astrology is stupendously mammoth subject – it is science, it is math and it is philosophy too! It has been a subject of deep study in nearly every ancient culture of the world. But since the advent of modern science, it has been unanimously agreed and accepted that Astrology is a myth and is very ‘unscientific’. Many pseudo-modern people have described it as illusory, irrational, a game of chance, etc. YET, Astrology has always found its ardent patrons and followers in every age and era.

In fact, Astrology is more relevant, vital and practical in today’s world than it ever was. Life has become very fast-paced and complicated. People either have no idea how to solve their multiple complex problems or they do not have the time to ponder over issues. Science has offered them comforts and options, but not the discretion or the wit to make the right choices. This mad race of modern life is in fact turning many towards Astrology to seek answers to their unrequited questions. The New Age is all about understanding the truth and relevance of ancient knowledge in a new light and contemporary connotation.

‘Aster” means Star, while ‘Logos’ means Reason/Logic. Astrology means the Logic of the stars. Amusingly, DisAster means ‘Separation from the Stars’. We need to understand that Astrology is the language of the Universe which, when deciphered by the knowledgeable, can unfold and reveal the hidden secrets of one’s life. This will only help in reducing the pervasive confusion and provide clarity to take the right decisions. Astrology works on the philosophical principle of “यथा पिण्डे, तथा ब्रह्माण्डे” viz ‘As is the Body, So is the Universe’.

Astrology can be explored to understand and better every facet of life####. To mention a few,

1. Personality Profile:

Astrology is an important device in understanding ourselves and those around us. An in-depth study of the Ascendant and placement of the Ascendant lord reveals all aspects of a person’s disposition and temperament. A study of the Sun and Moon in the Horoscope tells us about his vitality, ego, spirit, mental standing, emotional modes, and such other facets of his persona. All these provide valuable comprehensions into what kind of a person the individual really is. And this information can be used in so many different ways and on so many different platforms! This will help the employers in recruiting the right kind of candidates, the entrepreneurs in choosing the right kind of partner, and so on. Above all, it will help the native to know and understand his own self better – which will further help him dealing with problems in a much mature manner, make the right choices and emerge a more confident person.

2. Health:

Astrology and Ayurveda are very closely related; in fact, Medical Astrology is a complete subject in itself which aims at holistic healing. A comprehensive study of the birth chart helps in understanding the type of body a person has and the prominent humors present in the body, the problems that are likely to arise due to the imbalance in the humors or vital elements, the likelihood of developing diseases and their timings and above all the precautionary and preventive measures to be taken. Since Astrology helps to analyze physical, mental and psychological conditions of a person, it can be used for ensuring the overall wellbeing. This would help a lot in medical as well as psychosomatic counseling.

3. Career:

Astrology can be optimally use making the right career choices and ensuring success in one’s professional field. The Astro Profile of a person helps in understanding his traits, strengths and weakness, natural aptitudes and interests. This goes a long way in making a suitable choice of career. Astrology also helps in deciding whether the native is more suited to a job employment or an independent business, should he opt for partnership or not, what is the right time to start a new profession and what precautions one needs to take in his vocational life.

4. Relationships:

Astrology helps us in understanding the nature and personality of people who are near and dear to us; which in turn, helps to understand why we face happiness or sorrow, success or failures in our relationships. We are then able to comprehend why people behave in the way they do. A clear understanding of their nature and temperament helps in dealing with them in a better and tactful manner. This will only help in reducing the friction in relationships and developing a more sympathetic approach. Thus Astrology enables us to adjust to our surroundings in a better, mature way.

5. Love & Marriage:

The success or failure of a romantic or conjugal relationship depends a lot on making the right choice of partner and the compatibility between the couple. Match-making is an important aspect of Astrology which helps in assessing the compatibility between the prospective partners based on accurate calculations and in-depth analysis of the birthcharts. With the increase in number of divorces and failures of relationships, people are once again resorting to the traditional Matchmaking methods of Astrology. Many Dating sites on the web too have included Matchmaking as an essential tool for comparing compatibility.

There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life - Varaha Mihira

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