Pisces - January 2017 Predictions


2017 is the year to be more active and less talkative. This will be a very positive year for you. The month of January sets the right mood with constructive developments. You will have the Midas’ touch. You are likely to pursue inner harmony and peace through spiritual practices.

Professional life will brighten up; it’s time to fulfill your ambitions. You will get opportunities to efficaciously showcase your skills. Efficient time management will help reduce your workload. You will get due recognition, remuneration, promotion and appreciation for your work. Those looking for Government jobs are likely to be successful. You can witness an increase in reputation, power and wealth. Projects will be completed successfully on time. Businessmen shall be able to get good projects and investors would be interested to invest in your innovative ventures. New business opportunities will keep you busy and active. Financial position will be very strong. Cash flow is likely to increase; keep a control over your extravagant expenditures. Loans would be approved smoothly and quickly. Expressive communication would prove to be an plus point in your professional life. You may receive favors from the Government and influential people.

Family members will be supportive. You shall be able to spend some quality time with them. You are likely to purchase items of luxury for your family members. You shall participate in auspicious events and celebrations at home which will keep your spirits high. Marital life will be satisfying and harmonious. Keep away from extra marital affairs. You may have to stay away from your spouse for a brief period on account of work. Your children’s achievements could be a source of joy and pride. The eligible shall be lucky in matters of love. You shall get more time to spend with each other. Refrain from needless arguments and try to solve issues amicably.

Health will be excellent. Just guard against minor nerve related problems and joint aches. Diabetic people need to exercise restraint. Open-air activities will keep you fit and energetic. But be cautious when outdoors; you may get injured. Some tension or anxiety can grip you by the month end. Meditation and yoga would help you overcome these. Father’s health may need attention.

Time is just right for students to put in their best. They shall be able to focus on their studies with clarity and positivity. Do not let lethargy set in. Those appearing for competitive exams shall succeed with flying colors. Friends will be helpful. You may meet someone interesting.

Travel plans will progress smoothly. You can plan a trip to some beautiful place of nature with your family. Religious journeys are also possible. You may also participate in spiritual sojourns.

Kundli.IO Team

Kundli.IO Team


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