Pisces - February 2017 Predictions


This month will be slightly better than January; your focus will now be on your career. Confidence and self-esteem will rise. Professional prospects are reasonably bright. Some setbacks and delays may trouble you. Those in employment may have to face some tough competitions and office politics. Just focus on your goals with determination. Additional efforts, hard work and strict discipline will see you through. The rewards will more than compensate you for your pains.

Businessmen shall be motivated to expand their business and clientele and shall gain considerably. Your mind will be full of plenty of innovative business ideas. However, time is not favorable for making any new investments or starting a new venture. Nonetheless, you can initiate planning your strategies. You will have to remain cautious while dealing with financial matters. A good inflow of money will increase your bank balance. You may make some new purchases. Expenditures will rise around mid-month. Do not lend money to anyone.

Singles may find someone interesting while on a religious journey. Those in a relationship are likely to take some important decision which may be resisted and opposed by their family members. Marriage may be delayed. Do not let the burden of work make you neglect your family. Do not interfere in squabbles of others. Be polite with your spouse and gift something to him/her. Arrival of guests will liven up your domestic life. You shall feel secure and relaxed in your home atmosphere. You will be able to spend some good times with your friends. Social status will improve. You can now concentrate on improving your image and personality. You may purchase new designer clothes, accessories, perfumes, etc.

You will need to take care of your health. Nerves or muscles related problems, leg/joint pains, etc. may trouble you. Over-exertion and strain may complicate things for you. In such a situation, meditation will benefit you immensely. You will need to be both physically and mentally agile to handle the hurdles in your professional life. Over indulgence of any sorts will adversely affect your health. Outdoor and open air activates will work well to rejuvenate you.

Students are likely to lack the enthusiasm and motivation to study. They need to guard against impulsive tendencies and rash behavior. Those appearing for competitive exams will need to resort to additional help or coaching.

You may go on some excursions or fulfilled trips with your friends in the first half of the month. You may take time off a time for some rejuvenation and relaxation in the second half. Work related travels are also indicated though the results may not match your expectation. Business trips will increase. Take due precautions in the course of your journeys.

Kundli.IO Team

Kundli.IO Team


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