Libra - January 2017 Predictions


2017 is the year for change and new happenings. January would be an average month for you.

Career shall progress despite hurdles and you shall be able to overcome competitions. You are likely to get some good news in the beginning of the month. There will be no dearth of courage and dynamism. You will get ample opportunities to showcase your creativity and aptitudes. Those in employment are likely to be very enthusiastic and motivated about their work. Your efforts and persistence will show positive results. A promotion or increment could be in the offing. Try to finish off all your pending assignments and projects within the first three weeks. Don’t postpone important decisions; else you may miss opportunities. Work pressure and problems are likely to arise in the last week. You may have to bear the brunt of jealous people. Businessmen will have the courage to take risks; they shall whiz ahead of their competitors. Time is excellent for those in media, acting, singing, and communications fields. Income is expected to remain static; though, expenditures might increase. Probability of losses through speculation and lottery exist.

You are likely to develop a good bonding with your younger siblings. Disagreements and confrontations could become a part of your love life. Suspicions and excessive aggressiveness can mar your relationships. There could be problems with children. They may not heed your advice and may take arbitrary decisions. You may have to attend some function in your family. Domestic life will remain average. Conflicts can disrupt family life in the latter half of the month. Arguments and misunderstandings will disturb marital relationships. Keep away from extra marital affairs. Some of you may receive marriage proposals in the month end.

Some health issues may erupt suddenly. You could face digestion related issues, muscular and joint pains, dental problems, etc. Health of your mother and children may be adversely affected. Pregnant ladies need to take great care of themselves. Be cautious while driving and when on the road. Accidents and injuries due to carelessness are not ruled out. Eat only home cooked meals. Contaminated food and drinks can result in infections. Keep away from depressing thoughts. Meditation will work wonders for you. You may turn more introspective or become more spiritual.

It is a creatively productive time for students. But they will have to put in extra efforts to get desired results.

Time is not favorable for undertaking journeys. If possible, postpone your travelling plans to a later date. Be cautions while handling cash and valuables.

Kundli.IO Team

Kundli.IO Team

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