Leo - January 2017 Predictions


2017 will prove to be a positive year for you. The month of January will find you very active and energetic – but not without some hurdles to overcome. You shall witness many changes occurring in various spheres of your life this month.

Career prospects look very bright. You will be able to complete all your pending work. You shall come across promising opportunities despite fluctuations in your career front. You can even experiment with changes in your work area successfully. Promotions and increments are in the offing. Those in Government/State employment may get transferred to a new place. Those looking for a new job shall get one. You may also benefit from short term speculations or investments. However you are advised to keep a control; else you may suffer losses. Don’t hesitate to take expert advice before risking your money. It is time to repay and recover loans. It would be wise not to initiate anything new at the end of the month. Financially it is likely to be an average month. New sources of income can open up. Partnership business may suffer a setback or some differences may arise between partners. Avoid conflicts with people in authority and state machinery. Some of you may inherit some ancestral riches.

Litigation matters related to ancestral property/wealth will now be settled amicably. You shall be to maintain cordial relations with your siblings. Conjugal life is likely to be volatile. It would be a good idea to plan some outing and spend some quality time with your spouse. Ego and power play can create havoc in marital life. Avoid unnecessary arguments and disagreements to maintain domestic peace. Separation and talks of divorce are not ruled out. The eligible may get into a new relationship or may receive a proposal for marriage.

Your health will improve. You may start getting relief from some long term ailment by the end of this month. A change of diet or medication will show positive results. Energy levels will be high. Don’t be too pushy and aggressive. Be cautious of accidents and injuries which could lead to loss of blood. You will need to take care of health of your mother and children. Avoid heat generating food stuffs.

Time is promising for students. Their concentration and interest in studies is likely to increase. They shall be fortunate to get the expert guidance of a good mentor. Those appearing for competitive examinations or job interviews shall be successful.

Time is not very favorable for making travel plans.

Kundli.IO Team

Kundli.IO Team


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