Leo - February 2017 Predictions


February will bring your some respite. You shall be relieved of some burdens. Social life will be quite active. Your lifestyle will improve. You need to keep a check on your ego this month. Do not try to impose your will on others; you may have to compromise on some issues. Be cautions when entering into new partnerships or relationships.

Positive changes are seen in your career life. Time is favorable for professionals and business people; though, results will take time to come by. Those dealing in overseas projects will gain remarkably. The unemployed may get a job of their liking. Those already employed shall get new opportunities to prove their abilities. Stay away from politics and gossips at your work place. Be prepared to take on additional work or responsibilities beyond your usual domain. It may prove to be a turning point in your career. You could come up with new progressive ideas in the latter half of the month. Favorable planetary positions shall ensure that you succeed in whatever you do.

Financial status will improve. Income can increase through family support and social networks. Expenditures will be high in the first half of the month. You may spend on lavish purchases. You are advised to handle economic matters carefully.

Love life will be exciting and pleasant. Avoid arguments as thy can lead to misunderstandings. Those already in a relationship or engaged may get married. The married may plan having a child. Your spouse will be more sympathetic and supportive. Domestic life will be now more peaceful. Family disputes and property related matters are likely to be sorted out harmoniously. You may have to face some issues concerning your children and their education. Parents’ health may bother you in the first half of the month. A change of place is likely for some of you.

Health may remain delicate till the mid of the month. Overindulgence of any sort could lead to complications. This is a good month for starting a detoxification regime. You can even opt for a makeover! Anxiety and exasperation may create problems for you and those around you. You may experience some mental exhaustion and physical exertion after the 13th of this month. Outdoor activities and exercises could help you overcome your health issues. Social gatherings may prove to be excellent stress busters.

Students shall see changes in their environment. Lack of focus is likely to hamper their progress.

Travel is foreseen. Work related trips are likely to be profitable. You need to be careful as accidents and injuries are possible.

Kundli.IO Team

Kundli.IO Team


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