Gemini - January 2017 Predictions


In 2017, the focus shall be on career and business related progress. The month of January could be taxing on your physical and mental wellbeing. Life is likely to get hectic. Indecisiveness could be a cause of concern. Your interest in spiritualism is likely to increase. Professional life will progress; but there shall be hurdles and delays. Try to remain optimistic and confident.

The beginning of the month looks bright for career prospects; especially for those in creative fields. You may get some lucrative job offers – which are most likely to involve lots of travelling at work. Businessmen may take good initiatives and sign some new contracts. Overseas jaunts and tie-ups are likely to bring in lucrative business. Times could be trying after the 26th of this month. Seniors will find fault in your work. You will need to put in extra efforts to get gains and profits. You need to focus on your priorities and ignore the irrelevant distractions. You need to exercise caution while making new investments. Someone will try to tarnish your image. You may be falsely accused to some wrongdoing.

Harmony will prevail in marital life; you will enjoy conjugal bliss and happiness. Misunderstanding with spouse could be a cause of worry. Love matters could, however, be perplexing. This is not the right time to propose for marriage. It is, nevertheless, a good time to have open-hearted conversations with your beloved. A misunderstanding among family members is likely; differences can crop up with some family member. Domestic issues will bother you around the middle of the month. It would be prudent to avoid all arguments and confrontations. Stick to the righteous path and keep away from bad company.

Energy levels may fall; you may feel lethargic and suffer from headaches. Over exertion and tension could affect your health. A balanced diet with lots of citrus fruits included and sufficient sleep and rest will go a long way in restoring your stamina. Some health issue may suddenly arise which may be difficult to diagnose in the initial stages. You may have to tend to the health of someone in the family too. Mind will remain confused and scattered. You will seek solace in spiritualism.

Students could face a tough time; they may not be able to understand some concepts or may not be able to put their difficulties across properly. They should take help from their guides and teachers to overcome their problems.

Time is not very auspicious for travelling. Travel only if you must and beware of accidents while on a journey.

Kundli.IO Team

Kundli.IO Team

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