Gemini - February 2017 Predictions


The focus this month will be on money matters and financial growth. Work pressure is likely to increase. You may have to face hurdles and opposition in your work area. Change at workplace may disturb you. You may be reprimanded by your boss. Some of you may even think of quitting the job. The current period, however, is not conducive for any such change. Just go with the flow and wait for the right opportunities to present themselves. You are advised to remain focused and think of new strategies to deal with the situation as it presents. You may get embroiled in a controversy or may be falsely accused of some financial embezzlement.

Businessmen may have to suffer some losses. Differences can arise between partners. Foreign associations will be profitable, though. Things will start changing by mid-month. You could go in for new investments which will prove fruitful in the long run. You should exercise restraint while spending. Savings may be adversely affected. Be careful, possibilities of theft exist. Keep away from controversies. Do not promise or commit to something which you cannot deliver.

Time is not favorable to get into new romantic endeavors. Those in relationship may have to face differences of opinions. You may be cheated in matters of love. You may get some proposals for marriage; parents may cajole you to take a decision. But it would be prudent to postpone any plans of engagement or marriage to some future date. You may not find enough time to spend with your spouse and family. Conjugal life shall be disturbed; differences of opinions and ego clashes can erupt between you two. There could be breakdown of communication. You would need to tackle issues in a mature and calm manner. Those desirous of planning a child may have to wait for some time. A friend may turn out to be a wolf in the lamb’s clothing.

Guard against serious health ailments. You may have to face issues related to digestion, primarily arising out of anxiety and mental strain. Those suffering from diabetes or cholesterol problems need to remain careful. You may need to be careful while traveling. There exists a possibility of you meeting with an accident unexpectedly. Avoid taking any chances. Keep away from confrontations and breathe easy. Meditation and silent introspection will work wonders for your physical as well as mental health.

Students will have to put in double effort than usual to achieve desired results. Being adamant and headstrong will not work. You will need to focus and be more persistent in your efforts.

You may have to undertake work related journeys. Long distant and overseas travel shall prove rewarding.

Kundli.IO Team

Kundli.IO Team

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