Capricorn - February 2017 Predictions


This is the time to work efficiently and dedicatedly. Don’t waste your time in futile thinking and evaluations. Instead of focusing on what’s gone wrong, focus on how you can set things right and turn them to your benefit. You might feel irritated for no particular reason. Just focus on your goals and be patient with opposition and hostilities. Use the magical powers of words to get things done. You can adapt your improved energy and renewed self-assurance to work to your advantage.

Heavy work schedules will keep you busy. Office politics will bother you. Maintaining a low profile and completing your task in the best possible manner would work just right for you. Avoid all confrontations. Those in marketing, media and communication fields will have a favorable time. Businessmen will be on their toes in the first half of the month. You would be busy in expanding your venture or finalizing business deals. You need to concentrate on meticulous planning now. Someone may try to defame you. Some business losses are indicated in the mid of the month.

Expenditures will rise. Those dealing in foreign trade will benefit. Financial status will improve as the month progresses. The last week will bring you monetary gains and rise in income. You are likely to win some competitions. Investments in the later half of the month will yield good returns. You shall now splurge on enhancing your personality and image – on new clothes, accessories, etc. You may purchase a new house; be careful and take expert advice before signing the papers.

Your near and dear ones may be hurt by your harsh words and unsympathetic behavior. Ego clashes can spoil the harmony of domestic life. Remember that it’s your family support you will ultimately rely on. You should strive to create a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere at home. Those in a relationship may decide to get married. Love affairs will be blissful. The last two days of the month are very favorable for romantic escapades. This is the right time to sort out differences in your marital life. Some of you may be blessed with the birth of a child.

Lack of proper rest and sleep could result in declining energy levels. You are likely to become restless and quick tempered. You may suffer from migraines, digestion related issues. Meditation will be the required solution to all your psychological and emotional problems.

Students need to be more attentive to their lessons. Some of you may go abroad for higher education.

Work related journeys are seen. Avoid travelling in the first half of the month. Postpone your travel plans, if possible, to the last week; else you may not get the desired results. Beware of minor accidents when on the road or driving a vehicle.

Kundli.IO Team

Kundli.IO Team

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