Cancer - January 2017 Predictions


2017 is the year to forget yourself and focus on needs of those around you. It will be a year of challenge with mixed results.

January would be an exciting and dynamic month for you. You shall remain focused professionally and are likely to gain rich dividends. You may take some important career related decisions. You may come up with innovative ways to increase and improve your work output. You will strive to fulfill your ambitions by sheer hard work and confidence. You would be able to receive full support and cooperation from your seniors and colleagues. It’s time to expand your business. Partnerships will prove profitable. Financial prospects look bright. Month end is the time for rewards and promotions. Stress and tension can build up as the month ends. Some false allegation may be charged against you. Think twice before taking important decisions. Unexpected expenditures may come up suddenly. Time is not very favorable for investments.

This is the month to be social – to reach out to people and new experiences. Some happy event will take place in the family. Get together and celebrations will help to brighten up your spirits. You shall remain very active and aggressive – which is actually rare for a Cancerian! Some good news will bring a positive change in your life. Litigation matters will be decided in your favor.

You may enter into a new relationship; though possibilities are that it may not last long. Those already engaged may decide to take their relationship to the next level. Professional pressures and long hours of work can affect marital life adversely. Evade arguments with your spouse. Harsh words can spoil relations. Family problems will start easing off from mid-month onwards.

Your health will not be so very good though. Nonetheless, healthy eating habits coupled with light yoga exercises and meditation would work well to keep you in good stead. Don’t ignore headaches and migraines. Take care of your partner’s health particularly in the second half of the month.

Students will remain enthusiastic about their studies. They shall be able to successfully complete their school/college projects. Those participating in contests and competitions shall emerge winners.

Travel is on the cards in the first half of the month. Some of you may have to move to a new location by the mid of the month. You may also travel abroad; the trip could be for business or pleasure or both. Be cautious and careful when on the road.

Kundli.IO Team

Kundli.IO Team

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