Aries - February 2017 Predictions


Your golden period starts now. You will experience a big relief after the trying two-and-a-half years period. Things will slowly and steadily turn for the better. Your troubles would end and you would see remarkable change in your fortunes.

The spotlight will now be on your professional life. Hard work and dedication will give you the desired results in the coming months. You shall work progressively towards successfully accomplishing your career goals. You shall be appreciated and applauded for your work. You may even earn some award or be promoted. Monetary gains are possible from different sources. Expenditures are likely to increase by the month end. Unemployed will get a new job; while those already employed may get a better alternative. Some of you may even settle abroad for work. Some problems may arise at your workplace; but you will overcome them. Businessmen may go through fluctuating times. Time is good to increase your contacts. Keep away from confrontations and angry outbursts. Instead, focus on consolidating your professional life. Don’t burn yourself out in your enthusiasm.

Domestic life will be peaceful. You shall move in the right direction with full support from your family and friends. There may be some auspicious events or celebrations at home. You would spend more quality time with your children. You shall be able to enjoy a satisfying conjugal life. The unattached will find new love interests in their social circle. The mid of the month is ideal for romantic endeavors. Don’t let your ego clashes mar your relationships. The last week doesn’t augur well for domestic relationships. A theft may take place.

Increased work load and responsibilities can take a toll on your health. Lack of sleep and rest can make you irritable and lethargic. You may suffer from body aches or ailments related to eyes and stomach. No major health problems are seen.

Group activities will increase. Work related travels are indicated at the end of the month. You may also plan an excursion or get together with friends. Long distance journeys are also possible but may prove fruitless. Be cautious of accidents while travelling. You may lose some blood and may have to visit the hospital.

Students may get distracted and drawn toward undesirable attractions. They possibly will waste their time in futile pursuits. They need to concentrate on their studies. Hard work and perseverance will finally yield good results.

Kundli.IO Team

Kundli.IO Team

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