Aquarius - January 2017 Predictions


You have had a tough time last year. 2017 will bring some relief for you. January will be an average month for you. The month will begin on a happy note, but things may start changing after the first week.

Things look gloomy on the career front. Income will remain low while expenses will hit the roof. You may have to spend on unforeseen expenditures, medical issues or sudden travel plans. Work load will increase; so will the tension of not completing it on time. You may be reprimanded or humiliated for poor performance at work. Some of you may even lose their jobs or be demoted. Businessmen may have a tough time staying in business with dwindling profits and rising overheads. Keep away from speculations and new investments. This period of delays and hurdles can continue till the 26th of this month. Be careful and read everything thoroughly before signing important legal papers and professional documents. It is advisable to take expert advice before taking any important financial decisions or making any new investment. A sudden gain is not ruled out. A new source of income from overseas may open up by the end of the month.

You would get the support from the male members of your family. This is not a good time to propose your love; you may be ridiculed or humiliated. Refrain from getting into new relationships. Marriages will be delayed. You will not get enough time to spend with your husband or wife. Marital life will be disturbed. You need to be patient towards your spouse. Your rash behavior and volatile temper may even result in a separation. Legal disputes can arise among family members. Things may start improving by the end of the month.

Frustrations anger and excessive workload would adversely affect your health. You may suffer from high blood pressure, migraines and infections. Keep away from fire and pointed objects. Maintain a healthy lifestyle; avoid spicy and oily food. Meditation and walks in the open will work wonders for you.

Students may have to face a tough time. A disappointment in personal relations is likely to affect their studies. They shall not be able to focus due to their distracted minds and may end up feeling nervous. A sympathetic guide at this juncture would prove very supportive.

Travel plans may not materialize till the end of the month. Double check your documents, visa and other legal papers before embarking on a trip. You may turn to spiritualism and undertake pilgrimages or religious trips. Take due care of your belongings when on a journey.

Kundli.IO Team

Kundli.IO Team

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