Aquarius - February 2017 Predictions


Good times start for you. Your social and financial status will improve. The focus now will be on personal needs and pleasures. You may befriend influential persons. But beware; you may be deceived by someone whom you consider to be very close. You would be raring to take calculated risks; however, this is not the right time to do so.

Professional life will be satisfactory and stable. You shall be enthusiastic about your assignments. Some of you may get tired of being stuck in a monotonous job and may look out for better avenues. Those in sales and marketing, networking, event management, consultancy business, etc. shall prosper. Your superiors/bosses may give you some tough times in the second week.

Businessmen can experiment with new strategies with success. Social contacts will be instrumental in enhancing your financial status. Investment in real estate will prove profitable. A new source of income may open up. Income and wealth will increase. Keep a check on extravagant spending. You may get some good news from overseas. Avoid gambling this month.

This month would see a rise in passion. Some of you may enter into new relationships – which may be purely to seek sensual pleasures. You may even have clandestine romantic escapades. Your alluring charisma will attract many admirers. Some of you may go on a honeymoon and/or plan to have a child. Harsh speech can create rift with spouse. Guests at home will brighten up your domestic life. You shall be able to spend some quality time with your family members. You shall relish the cordial relations you enjoy with your friends and close social groups.

Health will not be very good in the beginning of the month. Uncertainty in professional life may lead to anxiety and stress. It would be prudent to keep a regular check on your blood pressure levels. Those suffering from heart problems need to remain vigilant. Some of you may have to visit hospitals. Health will improve as the month progresses. Energy levels will rise. You may be relieved of some chronic problem. Meditation and yoga practices will prove very helpful in this phase. Guard against headaches and fevers.

Time is favorable for students; they shall remain in the good books of their mentors and teachers. They should not get influenced by what their friends say. Refrain from laziness and over sleeping. Those appearing for competitive exams may need some extra coaching.

You may have to travel for business or work related purposes. Be careful when on the road; accidents and injuries are likely. If possible, avoid travel in the latter half of the month. Journeys then will be more wearisome and may not yield any results.

Kundli.IO Team

Kundli.IO Team

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